January Wedding



True love is not the kind of thing you should turn down

Don’t ever turn it down

—January Wedding by The Avett Brothers

Tomorrow we will be married for 4 years. Not a lot for many, but it has been quite a ride for us. What makes tomorrow extra special is that for the first time since we got married we will both be able to take a day off from our jobs and spend time with each other. If you have been following our blog or it is the first time you read one of our posts, you might ask yourself why I decided to write a post like this on a parenting blog. Well, because parents have wedding anniversaries too and sometimes we just get caught up so much in our daily lives, especially when having small kids, that we really postpone celebrating. But our wedding is the very reason we are now parents with two kids under the age of two, and, yes, a celebration is very much needed this year, vomit-free!

I mainly wanted to use this post to go down memory lane, so here I go.

It starts the day I fell from a horse and I broke my spine.

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Don’t Forget the Ergo or Packing for Babies


As we head to my mother-in-law’s house on this rainy Christmas Eve, I cannot help but look in the rearview mirror and sigh at the pile of luggage, stuff, presents and paraphernalia we are hauling with us for just a long weekend.

The sad truth is that no matter the length of time we usually plan on being gone, the amount of stuff we need to pack for two kids under the age of two is insane. And it grows exponentially if we plan to be at a place that does not have a washer (and dryer, God willing). Read More

Margot’s VBAC*

*I am a firm believer that every woman has and is entitled to have her own unique birth experience. This story does not aim to portray what every birth is about. This is solely my own experience and a very treasured one. I did not birth her (almost entirely) naturally to win any medal. I did birth her naturally because after a lot of research, counseling and a very supportive and experienced provider, it seemed to be the best choice for my baby, myself and my whole family.

It was 5 AM. My parents were going to leave Columbia in less than 3 hours and they were not going to meet the baby. Read More

And The Story Begins

I felt like a mom from the very first moment I saw a plus on the pregnancy test; I became one in the OR, and I was forever changed. This blog is going to start with the stories of my births, the first one Oliver’s, last summer, and the second one Margot’s, only seven weeks ago.

Though my two births could not be more different, the first one a planned C-section and the second one a VBAC (vaginal birth after C-section), they both had something uniting them: the love and support I felt from my husband, Scott. I look forward to reading his own version of these stories if he ever feels like writing about them, but all I can say is that I had the best partner one could wish for in both the OR and the birthing room. This first post will cover only Oliver’s birth, since I realize that otherwise it would be way too long. Read More