January Wedding



True love is not the kind of thing you should turn down

Don’t ever turn it down

—January Wedding by The Avett Brothers

Tomorrow we will be married for 4 years. Not a lot for many, but it has been quite a ride for us. What makes tomorrow extra special is that for the first time since we got married we will both be able to take a day off from our jobs and spend time with each other. If you have been following our blog or it is the first time you read one of our posts, you might ask yourself why I decided to write a post like this on a parenting blog. Well, because parents have wedding anniversaries too and sometimes we just get caught up so much in our daily lives, especially when having small kids, that we really postpone celebrating. But our wedding is the very reason we are now parents with two kids under the age of two, and, yes, a celebration is very much needed this year, vomit-free!

I mainly wanted to use this post to go down memory lane, so here I go.

It starts the day I fell from a horse and I broke my spine.

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Dai, Daddy! Die?: Raising Bilingual Kids

Oliver eating dinner

Dai, Daddy! More!

One of the benefits of being in a dual-language household is that there are twice as many words we can claim Oliver might have said, even if he was just flailing his tongue around randomly. Case in point, last night at dinner, Oliver said, “Dai!” which in Italian means “come on!” (and incidentally sounds identical to “die,” which I’m sure won’t lead to concerned parent-teacher conferences in the future). I’m pretty confident it was accidental, but like all good parents, we love to pounce on anything our child says and infuse it with meaning. It seemed to fit the context: I was halving some raspberries for him, which I don’t know why I bother to do since he shoves 17 of them in his mouth at once, and Oliver impatiently shouted “Dai!” as in, “Come on Daddy, pick up the pace!”


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